California Water Policy Seminar Series: Environmental Flows

The Center for Watershed Sciences is hosting a weekly series of public speakers on the science and policy for environmental flows in California, beginning on January 17. This course examines the history, problems, and prospects of environmental flows throughout the state. Early seminars will focus on the science behind environmental flow management, while later seminars will feature panel discussions from experts in the field on topics such as cannabis, water markets, and examining past case studies. Speakers are tentative.

The series is open to the public and available for credit. [HYD 298 - CRN: 58954 for 1 unit]

Seminar Schedule
Wednesdays, 4:10 pm - 5:30 pm
Plant and Environmental Sciences Building, UC Davis
Room 3001


Topic (click title to view video)


Jan 17

Environmental Flows History in California - Science, Policy, Problems, and Prospects
Presentation Slides

Samuel Sandoval
Sarah Yarnell

Jan 24

Ecohydrology & Ecohydraulics: Explaining the Physics behind Environmental Flows
Presentation Slides

Gregory Pasternack

Jan 31

Fish and Flows
Presentation Slides

Peter Moyle

Feb 7

How Flow-Ecology Relationships inform E-Flows
Presentation Slides

Eric Stein (SCCWRP)

Feb 14

Water Markets in Environmental Flow Management
Presentation Slides

Amy Campbell (Shasta River Project Manager)

Feb 21

Lessons from the FERC Relicensing Process
Presentation Slides

Amy Lind (USFS)
Beth Lawson (CDFW)
Dave Steindorf (American Whitewater)
Andy Fecko (PCWA)

Feb 26

Cannabis Impacts and Regulation - Panel
Presentation Slides

Jennifer Carah (TNC)
Matt Clifford (TU)
Dan Schultz (SWRCB)
Ted Grantham (UCB)

Mar 7

California's Experiences with Environmental Flows - Panel

David Gaeuman (Trinity River Restoration Program)
Julie Zimmerman (TNC)
Joshua Isreal (US Bureau of Reclamation)
Rene Henery (Trout Unlimited)

Mar 14

Prospects for Environmental Flows in California: Moving Forward

Sarah Yarnell, Ted Grantham

Seminar Overview Slides

Download Environmental Flows Overview Slides

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