Grand Canyon 2012

upper canyon with water running through

class goal:

to get to know some geology, ecology, and management issues of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

  • length of the river: approximately 1400 miles
  • seven states and Mexico
  • watershed area: 246,000 square miles
  • population served by Colorado River water: nearly 25 million
  • historic yearly flows: from a high of nearly 24 million acre-feet - to a low of some 5 million acre-feet

topics to be explored:

topic 1: management

  • management of the Colorado River for multiple objectives
  • adaptive management of Glen Canyon Dam to support native species, recreation (including non-native sport fishery), hydropower and water supply

topic 2: the big picture

  • the complexities of management today are, in part, a function of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River
  • a "Big History" analysis will link events in deep time to management challenges today