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Tuolumne Meadows

Tuolumne Meadows

Lower Tuolumne

Lower Tuolumne

Tuolumne River

Tuolumne River (Sarah's Photos)

Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne

Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne

Early Intake-Preston Falls

Early Intake - Preston Falls

Hetch Hetchy

Hetch Hetchy

Merals Pool

Merals Pool

Lembert Dome

Lembert Dome

Dr. Moyle addressing the Class

Chinese Camp



Lower Tuolumne

Lower Tuolumne

Upper Canyon

Upper Canyon

Lower Canyon

Lower Canyon


2013 Tuolumne

Tuolumne River Field Trip

Tuolumne River Field Trip

Putah Creek Field Day

Putah Creek Field Day

view of ocean

Scenic Photos

River Rafting

River Rafting

Islands & Large Woody Debris

Islands & Large Woody Debris

Group Photos

Group Photos

Field Work

Field Work

Basalt Contact

Waves and Sea Cliff Erosion


Santa Cruz Island Surface Processes

Monterey Basalt Contact looking towards Chinese Harbor, Santa Cruz Island Channel Islands National Park

Santa Cruz Island Geology

Sunrise over Scorpion Harbor

People and Scenics

tuolumne river

2009 Spring: Tuolumne River

Google Drive 


Collection Sites

 Moose Calf

Kobuk Wildlife

sunset over kobuk



Fishes of the Kobuk

river bend

Scenic Shots


Expedition Participants


Field Work


Sample Sites

Kobuk Hydrograph


Grande Ronde

2007 Spring: Grande Ronde River

Green River

2006 Spring: Green River

Grand Canyon Winter 2005

2005 Winter: Grand Canyon

Ryan out fly fishing


The fishing crew at work sampling


Stony Gorge Reservoir

Day 15 Smithers to San Francisco

A major bedrock fall

Day 14 Kispiox to Smithers

Skeena River

Day 13 Island Camp to Small Bar Camp

Beaver Creek camp

Day 12 Pratt Falls Creek

Active Beaver Dam

Day 11 Larkworthy Creek and Beaver Creeks

Skeena River

Day 10 Terrace Creek

Skeena River

Day 9 Sheladamus and Willow Flat Creeks

A large tributary to the Skeena River

Day 8 Poison Creek

Birthday Jack Creek, with large woody debris in channel

Day 7 Birthday Jack and Tally Creeks

 Skeena River

Day 6 Kitlangus Creek

A misty morning

Day 5 Spectacle Creek


Day 4 Side Channel Creek

Skeena River

Day 3 Mosque River to Side Channel Camp

The Cessna airplane taking off back to Smithers

Day 2 Smithers to Mosque Creek

Vancouver, British Columbia

Day 1 San Francisco to Smithers

August 1, 2004


Lagunitas Creek (Marin County), California

underwater snorkeling

Bear Creek (Shasta County), California

American River 1

South Fork of the American River, California (2004 Spring)


People (2003 Spring)


Time Off (2003 Spring)

Scott River Pictures 13 French Creek upper watershed

Scenic Pictures and Spectacular Views (2003 Spring)

Scott River Mill Creek

Mill Creek (2003 Spring Scott River)

Scott River Reconnoissance

May Reconnoissance Field Trip (2003 Spring Scott River)


May Field Trip (2003 Spring Scott River)

Scott river

June Field Work (2003 Spring Scott River)

Scott River Emigrant Creek

Emigrant Creek (2003 Spring Scott River)

Scott River Electro-Fishing

Electro-Fishing (2003 Spring Scott River)

Scott River Miner Creek 2

Miner Creek (2003 Spring Scott River)

Scott River Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek (2003 Spring Scott River)

Scott River French Creek

French Creek (Spring 2003 Scott River)

ferry view

Spring 2002: Copper River (Travel after the River)

Packing up

Spring 2002: Copper River (Pre-Trip Prep)

Whittier view 2

Spring 2002: Copper River Day 13

river terrace

Spring 2002: Copper River Day 12

The Million Dollar Bridge 2.

Spring 2002: Copper River Day 11


Spring 2002: Copper River Day 10

camp view

Spring 2002: Copper River Day 9

cleve creek

Spring 2002: Copper River Day 8

 Dewey Creek Camp 1

Spring 2002: Copper River Day 7

Copper river

Copper River Day 6

Chitina flats

Copper River Day 5


Spring 2002: Copper River Day 4


Copper River Day 3

glacial terrace

2002 Spring: Copper River (Day 2)

ferry ride

2002 Spring: Copper River (Day 1)

large landscape of mountain and stream in middle

2014 Spring: Tuolumne River

More photos available.

clear water with mountain in the distance

2015 Spring: Tuolumne River

greenery with rocky formation in the distance

2019 Spring: Yampa-Green

large meadow with mountains in the distance

2016 Spring: Tuolumne River

Rocky mountain valley

2014 Winter: Grand Canyon

Small island in still water

2011 Spring: Chilko-Chilcotin-Fraser Rivers

still water with rocky mountains in the distance

2007 Spring: Grande Ronde River

Still water in sunset

2006 Spring: Green River

Sunny viewpoint between valley

2005 Winter: Grand Canyon

Looking into river.

2004 Spring: Skeena River

River with trees on the sides.

2003 Spring: Scott River

Kennicott-Nazina River Confluence

2002 Spring: Copper River