California Water Policy Seminar Series: Groundwater Problems and Prospects

Policymakers, hydrologists, legal experts, economists and water managers discuss California's management of groundwater -- past, present and future -- in a series of nine presentations. Topics include the role of groundwater in managing droughts and recently enacted state legislation requiring local agencies to manage groundwater pumping and recharge sustainably. All presentations are open to the public.

Tuolumne River 2015

An extension of previous Ecogeomorphology classes, this class is a field-based multidisciplinary study of the ecology, geomorphology and management of rivers in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, with a focus on the Tuolumne River watershed. Open to upper-division undergraduate students, the course brings together students from a range of biological and physical sciences and engineering backgrounds to address conservation and management issues in California watersheds.

Grand Canyon 2015

This 3 unit graduate seminar will 1) familiarize student participants with the geology, ecology and management issues associated with the Grand Canyon and Colorado River in the context of global change, and 2) encourage students to become class “experts” in some critical issue or concept relevant to river science in the context of global change.