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Megan Nguyen

Words/Phrases of the Day:

Day 2: Marmot?!
Day 3: Ecotourist
Day 4: Daaayum!
Day 5:1 2 3...JUMP!
Day 6: Just Around the Riverbend!
Day 7: Class 4 Rapid, Class 5 Road
Day 8: Row, Row, Row your Boat
Day 9: Henrieta Hyacinth is taking over the San Jaoquin

EcoGeo Haiku

What's Ecogeo?
It's fish, bugs, trees, rocks, water
In Tuolumne

Day 3: Last day at Tuolumne Meadows 6/17/15

Word of the Day: Ecotourist

Hiking is so much better after taking Ecogeo. I see so much more. Trees used to be just trees, but now they are pines or firs. Bugs used to be pests but now they are stoneflies, mayflies, or blackflies. All birds used to be the same to me, but now I can hear their individual songs and recognize their bright colors. Fish aren’t just fish, they are pike minnow, rainbow trout, Sacramento suckers, or brown trout. Rocks aren’t just boring rocks anymore, they are pillow basalt or columnar basalt or granite and they tell stories about how the mountains were made. Everything just becomes so much more interesting and I am thankful for my newly equipped knowledge. Anyways, we hiked 8 miles to and back to the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River. The view was spectacular, it almost looked fake if I kept staring at it. It was a good reminder to see what policy has done to protect that precious wonder of nature.