Equipment List


All clothing needs to be synthetic, wool, or silk - no cotton! It needs to repel water, not absorb it.

2-3 pairs of long underwear, tops and bottoms
2- 3 mid weight to expedition weight synthetic tops
1 lightweight nylon wind and bug shirt
2 pair pants
1 pair shorts, nylon (quick drying)
1 lightweight wind and/or rain pants
4-6 pairs of wool/synthetic socks
1 lightweight waterproof, gore tex ok, parka with hood
1 coated nylon heavy duty rain parka for on the river or when it really decides to rain 1 coated nylon heavy duty rain pants or bibs with velcro closures at bottom
1 bug net for head
1 pair of knee high rubber boots
1 pair hiking boots
1 pair sandals for camp
1 pair rubber gloves for river
1 pair synthetic/wool gloves for camp
2 pairs of sunglasses with retaining strap
2-3 hats, 1 stocking cap, 1 wide brimmed hat, 1 baseball type cap

Other Equipment:

sun screen, SPF 30+
bug repellent if you don't use the cover up method
bear spray
camera gear and binoculars in adequate waterproof container, peli box/dry bag synthetic sleeping bag
closed cell foam pad, thermarest, with lounger for extra comfort
tent with seam sealed fly and adequate guy lines for wind
toiletries, biodegradable and non scented if possible, keep small and in zip lock bag water bottle or hydration pack(camelback)
personal eating utensils - knife, fork, spoon, plate, bowl, cup
personal first aid kit including any prescription drugs
flashlight or headlamp but it really never gets very dark
1 large dry bag and 1 small dry bag
books, games, cards, etc