Our Most Excellent Adventure

Brett G. Baker

We left on this journey as a band of strangers,

We came back Rhasta cops, Guns ‘n Ammo, and Carp wranglers.

At times I feared our train might run off the tracks,

But before I knew it our dry bags were in stacks.

This class makes the rest of school seem so lame,

Wish I got credit in English for pulling a seine.


Some times I guess things just fall into place,

It just seems natural, like Karrigan falling on his face.

What is that? What is this? So many questions

And Peter answers them all like someone is testing ‘em.

Look at this track; is it elk or a moose?

My gosh, it’s deer, how can you be so obtuse.


After dinner I feel like I need gastric lavage,

But would settle for a hot shower and a nice foot massage.

We wake up early and do it all over,

Has anyone around here seen the grover?

I don’t even miss one single appliance,

All we need here is nature and science.


It only took several billion years to make it,

Give us a little more time and we just might break it.

These fish in this river just fighting to survive,

I think and am amazed that they’re still alive.

Who knows what may happen in this place over time,

Hope pikeminnow are here for your kids and mine.


Did we do enough to do our part?

are these more than just good intentions inside of my heart.

It’s not my place to say,

I’m just going to sit here and enjoy the rest of this day.

So far away from cars, noise and town,

Just have to watch this sun go down.


It all seems so right, it all seems so strange.

Why when we go back does it all have to change.

We paddled together all us twenty-three

Bonded, living in peace and harmony.

Wherever I go, and whatever I see

I promise to take all of you, with me.