A Collection of Tuolumne Haiku's

Blake Fitzwater

A Haiku should distill an image with few sounds.

Each Haiku represents our Tuolumne River trip chronologically.


I ask for water:

but Summer does not answer

air feels dry, smells fresh

The Dam

California snow,

high cement and big valley

wind in hair, ripples


Stars form shapes, clear night;

silent wings searching for them

sleep all around me


Unison; all, one

shock cold, surprise flip, big eyes;

power and friendship


Pike Minnow butt slide

Towers on both sides; steep, strong

Sweating and swimming

Night of Science

Bikini beauty

Nuptial pads and cobble bars

one big dating game


Overalls’ and winch,

bridge sways with breeze; graffiti.

Yay Mexican food