Flog 2

Mollie Ogaz

During the rafting trip along the Tuolumne River, the event that stuck out to me as the most memorable was probably science night. Before coming on the trip we were told to pack a funny costume to wear on the last night. That was all the information we were given, no description of what science night actually was. It turned out that each of the three groups in the class would have to come up with a skit with a particular theme and subject. Each team got a TA to work with, also. My team, the Bobcats, had to make a Shakespeare-themed skit about the natural flow regime, with Rob as our TA. 

The thing that impressed me the most was how gung-ho everyone was to do this (even if some took a little convincing at first). Each team jumped into action, carefully planning their respective skits that were to be preformed for everyone after dinner. I can't speak for the Anacondas or Cottonwoods, but team Bobcat had a blast planning our skit. Each person contributed great ideas and the costumes we had brought seemed to work out perfectly. After a lot of planning, laughing, and carefully guarding our ideas from potential spies, we were ready to go.

All of the skits turned out hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed watching each one and loved how the science was incorporated really creatively. On top of the skits, Sarah, Josh, and Carson each played a convincing role as an American Idol judge for the comments following each one. With all the "Yo dawgs" and "I absolutely loved its" getting thrown around, it was impossible not to laugh. I felt that I really got to know each one of my classmates and instructors a little better after science night ended. It truly was one of the greatest ways to wrap up such a unique class (and how can you beat hearing you got an 'A' from your male professor wearing a bikini top?).

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