Flog 1

Mollie Ogaz

While we were in Moccasin, getting a tour of the Powerhouse, one of the striking images to me was the penstocks coming over the hills, bringing the water for power generation. I really analyzed, while looking at the scene depicted in the photo, how far-reaching human water systems are. They extend beyond the river of which they are focused, through transportation infrastructure that crisscrosses the land. Natural views and habitat are disrupted, which I noted is not just due to the penstocks bringing the water, but also the power lines that convey the product to users. This is not a new idea to me, having learned a lot about the engineering feats that humans have accomplished, particularly in relation to water storage and conveyance, but it was thought-provoking. If I had not received an education beyond high school, in a field like environmental science, it is quite possible I wouldn't even think about where my water was coming from. Seeing it first-hand was a good reminder of our specie's impact on the planet.

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