Tuolumne River

Nomin Ganbaatar

Oh my Tuolumne River, you are just so beautiful and breathtaking

You are the keeper of water, thus you are the reason for life


Thousands and millions of lives depend on you

But you never forsake them


Foothill yellow legged frog and rainbow trout certainly cannot live without you

Because you are the greatest parent they have ever had


You nourish them

You protect them

And you love them dearly


Sometimes you are little scary, I say

Your strong rapids scare the crap out of me

But again you are mysterious in your own way


You can be cool as cucumber

Yet it is hard to imagine you without your strong currents


That is your emotions

And I understand that you cannot hold your emotions sometimes

It is natural

 So let it flow

Oh my beautiful Tuolumne River!

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