Who am I?

Rachael Hersh-Burdick

My mother and father were adults for a mere three days,
After dropping me in the river and leaving me to find my way they both passed away,
Safely in my egg,
I settled to the bottom of the Grande Ronde River until it was time for me to hatch.

Once emerged, I was small in size but enjoyed my time in the water.
I spent my early months building different homes for myself,
each one a bit bigger than the last.
At that time algae was my favorite food,
I often spent most of the day munching away.

After a year of making wonderful memories in the water the time came to close the door to my home.
That last house was my favorite, made of small rocks.
I had firmly adhered my house to the rock I adored most and went to work preparing myself for my last imago, growing long, beautiful wings.
Finally, when the time had come I made my debut, emerged from the water and gave my winds a try.

So here I am knowing I have just three days to find my mate and procreate.
Wish me luck.

Who am I?

Why, a caddisfly.

This flog is dedicated to the caddisfly who was pulled prematurely from his home, with wings fully grown,
dedicating his life to science on 06/19/07.

Stonefly Summer Snowflakes

By Rachael Hersh-Burdick

Summer snowflakes fall,
Giving new life when they touch,
Stonefly eggs delivered.

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